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Why tf didn't we have under 18s events like this???

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

In the 2000s and 2010s we had cheesy pop and clubland hits which weren't bad, but compared to these under 18s events it makes what we had back then look like a 5 year olds birthday party!

Shutdown book some top tier artists such as Dappy, DJ Danny T, Jay1, Bru-c & more. Selling out events from Manchester and Sheffield to Wolverhampton.

The hype leading up to these events is electric! And we're not just talking fake hype to make the event look good, we're talking full blown pandemonium!! As soon as its event day the queues are massive and when the doors open its pure energy from the word GO! I'm not just saying this because they pay the invoices.. I'm saying this because its FACTS!!

We caught up with Chris the head event organiser at shutdown and asked him how it all started:

Shutdown Events was established in 2014 in their home town of Burnley. Shutdown has had previous experience in the events/nightlife industry from doing their over 18 events. From this they then decided to try and tackle the younger market to be able to get interest from a young audience to then, once they came of age, be able to pass them on to their over 18’s brand Grenade. Shutdown quickly made a name for themselves in Burnley and soon started to attract clientele from out of the town and further, with each event more and more people talking about it and their experience of the night.

Within 6 months they branched into a second area, their reputation continued to grow rapidly and the following 8 months saw them branch into another 4 towns/cities.

It was at this stage Shutdown realised the had created something special and a brand in which both clients and parents recognised as a trusted brand.

They were also happy to find that they were starting to gain huge support from the police and local councils, as they could see the good Shutdown were bringing to the areas.

Within the first 2 years Shutdown became the UK’s largest leading U18’s brand! They now tour the country every couple of months from as high up as Scotland to as far down as Newquay hosting some of the most talked about events in the area.

These events include bringing some of the biggest names in the music industry, PA’s from some of the most popular reality tv shows, paint & foam parties, Co2 & confetti parties + much more. Shutdown has now hosted events across 10+ towns/cities nationwide.

With their social media constantly growing they were getting requests from more and more clients across the country, asking them to come to a town/city near them. Because of this, Shutdown are continuing to grow and build such a high, in demand brand on a weekly basis.

Catch all the after movies we've produced for Shutdown below:

Chris and the team have huge tour plans which will see bigger acts, new cities and many more tickets once covid jogs on. So if you're under 18 or have family that are under 18 then be sure to get them involved with this, they will not be disappointed.

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