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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The whole Coronavirus situation has seen us using takeaways a lot more over these last 10 months, with restaurants being closed, and supermarket trips being a bigger job than ever, we've turned to local takeaways to keep us going. I mean what else is there to do during lockdown other than have a Whisk and order some good food?

With this in mind we've decided to give you the Flexxed Top 5 Darwen Takeaways, to give you a helping hand when you're stuck with the tough decision of deciding what to order. Here goes.....

NUMBER 5 - Panda Express

The top 5 wouldn't be complete without a Chinese on the list, and for us Panda takes it. I know this is going to be quite a controversial decision because Chinese takeaways are like Hairdressers, everyone has their favourite and they stick to it. But when you think Chinese in Darwen, you think Panda, the food is always good and the Salt n Pepper dishes are essential hangover food!

Our orders:

VJ - SnP Chicken, SnP Chips, Fried Rice, Curry Sauce

Mikey - Chip batch, large sausage, egg fried rice and a carton of curry

Will - Salt and Pepper Chicken

NUMBER 4 - San Remo

San Remo has definitely stood the test of time, the food is always top notch and the staff are friendly. This place is a top all rounder and the Spicy Chicken Kebab meat bangs! You cant go wrong with their Pizza's either, not to forget their special 'San Remo Sauce'. All in all, a worthy number 4.

Our orders: VJ - Spicy Chicken Kebab on Naan bread, San Remo Sauce

Mikey - Cheese Burger and Chips

Will - Special Kebab

NUMBER 3 - Akash

We all love a good curry, and Darwen has some of the finest Curry Houses around so this was a hard decision, but for us it had to be Akash. Everybody loves sitting in the restaurant itself and since the opening of the takeaway we've been able to enjoy our favourite Ruby Murray whilst sat on the settee at home, the only thing thats missing is a cold pint of Cobra and the shot of Baileys you get after your meal haha.

Our orders: VJ - Shish Kebab starter, Chicken Tikka Curry, Pilau Rice, Garlic Naan

Mikey - Chicken korma, pilau rice, garlic naan, onion bhaji and chicken chaat

Will - Chicken tikka Balti

NUMBER 2 - Dixyland

Come on, who doesn't love a Dixyland? No matter who you are, every Darrener at some point in their life has eaten from here. The biggest fans will even try to convince you its better than KFC. They introduced Darwen to red salt, and for that we will be forever grateful. From the Famous 'Meal D', to the chips and gravy, we love a bit of Dixy and that's why it's our number 2.

Our orders: VJ - MEAL D!! (Chicken Filet burger meal)

Mikey - MEAL D and a can of Rio

Will - Chicken Wrap Meal

NUMBER 1 - Golden Grill

It couldn't have been anywhere else surely? The best kebabs Darwen has to offer.. banging curries and their trademark samosas, Golden Grill has it all. I've been going to GG for as long as I can remember, even as nipper, and its been the same friendly staff time after time. Famous for the 'SMGK', Golden Grill has been consistently at the top of their game for many, many years, with people even traveling from out of town to pick up one of their kebabs. Not to mention sending the town into a complete frenzy every year when they shut for a whole month due to Ramadan. That's why they had to take the top spot.

Our orders: VJ - Chicken Kebab on Naan bread, Salad, chilli garlic BANG!!!

Mikey - Plain doner kebab with Tommy K and Chips

Will - Chicken Tikka Madras

So that's it, The Flexxed top 5 Darwen Takeaways, we hope you enjoyed reading and if you think we're wrong then we want you to let us know. Get @ us on our socials and tell us who you would of picked as your #Top5DarwenTakeaways #FlexxedFacts

Honourable Mentions:


A lot of people's number 1, Godfather is a good all rounder, with a big menu it's got something for everyone. Their Meter Long Pizza is a must when you've got the team round for a few shandies.

Crunchy Plus

We couldn't leave out a mention for Crunchy, might not be our favourite but you cant deny we all love it after a few bevvies in town.


The Bank This place is going to be unreal when its allowed to open for bookings, but until then we've been able to order their food for takeaway and we love it, The Bank is TOP TIER!

Eddies There is no denying that Eddies Pizzas are special, some even saying that they're the best in town. This place is relatively new but their pizzas are second to none, if you don't know about them, get to know!

3Bz This place is fast moving up the ranks as one of Darwen's best takeaways, the food is bang on and the price is even better. We love the chicken and rice combos and their burgers look unreal too.

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