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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Right! This was a hard decision because we have done over 20 after movies for BTID from Pier on the Pier, ZN, Wonderland to every single BTID In The Sun 🤯 We're judging these after movies on the production of the edit, the variety shots, how much we enjoyed the event and music that was used. All the music edits used in BTID after movies were put together and sent over by DJ Nitra M Anyway, Let's start! Number 5

BTID in the Sun (Magaluf) 2015

The first time BTID went to Magaluf!! We had the best holiday ever!!! In this "In The Sun" BTID teamed up with the legendary brand HTID and we had the pleasure of filming both brands, it was a serious graft for us, we had to work late and wake up early because of all the different times each brand had something on! But we didnt care, we had the best time.

Number 4

BTID Wonderland 2018

BTID's first forest rave, sun was blazing and the tunes were pumping! The music in this edit is 10/10, the pure energy shots of the djs and ravers make it so much more better as well. Out of all the wonderland events BTID have done, this is our favourite.

Number 3

BTID in the Sun (Ibiza) 2018

The first time BTID went to Ibiza!! Was it better than Magaluf? For me? (Mikey) No.

Only because I loved the paint parties and I'm a scruff for Magaluf 😂 All jokes a side, this is an edit we're proud of, starting with beautiful scenes of the island which was an hour drive from the main strip, Mikey and James Screen (Performer) rented a Moped and headed out to the far end of Cala d'hort just to get the fire breathing scene, it was epic. The after movie goes for 7 minutes featuring 90 seconds of each day plus a little bit of hosting from Scott Rez. We still watch this video whenever it pops up!

Number 2

ZN 2019

The production on these events get bigger and better every year!! Not to mention the scare maze gets more fun for us every year too, we have the pleasure of running around the maze catching people getting scared by the actors, sometimes we can't hold our laugher in, you might be able to hear Mikey laugh out loud on some of these ZN after movies. This video has the best selection of scenes! from the maze, production shots, djs, ravers and the lovely gimbal shots. The edit always comes together nicely with the bangers that Nitra M sends over. We feel like this should've been number 1 but.. you'll understand why we choose our number 1 to be number 1 of this top 5.

Number 1


Of course it had to be Pier on the Pier at the top spot! These events Bounce haters into Bounce heads. This video was Day 1 and Day 2 all put into a 4:44min after movie, it came together so easily for us, every clip was FIRE! Production (Confetti and Co2) was going off every 10 mins and we're not even joking! It felt like BTID had an unlimited supply that year, we loved it because they're the shots we're usually chasing at events, so once we get those good shot we focus on other bits and this has it all! Production shot from all angles, ravers loving life, DJ's giving it there all and scenery B-Roll! This has everything to make it the best after movie we've ever done for BTID.


Everything about these events just make you upset that it only happens once a year

Because of the quality and production change over the 6 years of working with BTID it was hard to even pick an after movie that was made before 2017, i think that's down to hating your own work after a year of progression. But this is our top 5 pick of BTID after movies, agree? Let us know what your top 5 are. Be sure to head over to BTID's YouTube channel to see more of the videos we're produced for them.

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