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DJ performs to Darwen and nobody knew

Grant Mizon and Flexxed planned this down to a T, making sure that nothing went wrong. From designing the desk mount to hunting for a generator that was small and light to carry to the tower. We kept the idea and plan a secret because we knew it would've gotten out of hand if people had known. The last thing we wanted was to organise a mass gathering during a pandemic. It took 5 of us to carry all of the equipment to the tower. It took us 30 minutes walking while carrying:

2 x CDJs, 1 x mixer, 2 x speakers, 2 x stands, 1 big bag of wires, 1 custom wall mount, 1 camera bag that included 3 cameras, 3 lenses and batteries inside and finally 3 tripods, it was a nice workout!

As we were heading to the tower we bumped into a lot of people that were intrigued to know what we were doing with all the equipment, so we approached everyone in a kind manner telling them that we were filming a music video. The last thing we wanted was for people to think we were starting a rave and then calling the police to shut us down.

Once we were all set up, we made sure that no body posted anything about it on social media and we kept the volume on a low(ish) decibel. We didn't want to bring any attention to us, we just wanted to film the video and go. And that's what we did, shot the video, cleaned any mess we made and left to go home for a beer. Job Done.

After we shot the video, all that we could talk about was how amazing it would be if a festival could be held at the top of the tower. We did make a few calls but it's looking like it would never ever happen :( Oh well, at least we have Darwen Music Live (pre and post COVID that is!).

Fun Fact: Grant Mizon bumped into a Police officer in Darwen Town Centre, as they were chatting a person who Grant was with said "Did you see the DJ on the Darwen Tower video, it was him". The officer replied "That was you?!!?", mentioning that it came up in a meeting and they watched the whole video. The police are aware of it but because there were no complaints and no damage was made there was no need to follow it up, however he did tell Grant not to do it again because it could have got out of hand. We already knew this and that's why we planned it out properly. We do have plans for another big MXXN20 video with Grant Mizon in 2021, but this time we will be contacting officials before going ahead, the last thing we want is a disaster.

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