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10 Free Photoshop Designs

Free photoshop projects? Yes. You: Why? Me: Because i've got fuck all else to do in lockdown and I'm a sound lad. You: Your head's fell off hasn't it? Me: Yes.

Ok, let's break it down, here's what you get in this zip folder: 1 - Dirty Bass v1

This design is inspired by the UK Bass and Bassline scene. 2 - Bad Girl Warmer Crew

This is a complete freestyle design, perfect for a quick track release on SoundCloud

3 - Outta This World

This design has been my (MrMikeyDavies) main style of design for a long time.

I always love the galaxy background with some 3d renders chucked in there.

4 - Lil Trumpy Arse

Another freestyle edit, decent little fix for a soundcloud track/mix release!

5 - Shaggin in't woods

BIG freestyle edit, I used a lot of my overlays and stock images for this. I think it turned out alright. I'm not to sure what you could use this for, but it's there if you need it :D

6 - Dirty Bass v2

Version 2 of the first design, I felt like touching it up and then I thought, fuck it.. might as well chuck this version in there too. Make love to it x

7 - Pass The Remote

FREEEEEEEEESTYLE!! It's a clean and simple design.. that's it! Use it.

8 - Wired In

I think this is a very simple and effective design for a quick track/mix release, took me a couple of minutes to put this together. I'm not overly proud of it, but its free!!! So don't moan, give it ya nan if you don't like it! I'm not assed <3

9 - Going Viral

Random design.. chucked stock bits everywhere, don't care!

10 - I'm on a green plant, bitch!

I enjoyed making this one, it's very random but the colours are sick!!

I'm a sucker for a centre circle, especially a grass planet. So there you go, 10 free designs to use for yourself. Just don't resell them x

If you like them, hate them or can't stand the way I explain things on this article then let me know over on my instagram >>> @MrMikeyDavies <<< If you're a member then you can find these files in the download section, if you can't access the download section then sign up and download. it's as simple as that. DOWNLOAD HERE

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